No Food - Day2 “Fluff and Buff in the Emerald City” - Thanks Josette!

Evening yoga and meditation last night helped after a day of “lounging.” I really enjoyed it. 

Early morning rounds reveals a drop of another 2 lbs since yesterday, yikes! Blood sugar drops further and is normal, blood pressure is OK but not where I want it to be. I set up a Chiropractic visit for tomorrow for an adjustment, my first ever. I skip the morning lecture and hang out with my roommates one who is a physican (actually doing a fast!) and another one who trades in cryptocurrencies. The physician is ending his fast and starting the refeeding which he is very excited about, whole foods for him today.....smiling from ear to ear. I learn from that that showers are frowned upon here. Apparently, when fasting the blood is concentrated in your core and a shower, especially a hot shower, stimulates the skin and diverts blood flow away from your organs and can cause dizziness and falls. Toothpaste stimulates the salivary glands and interferes with  the fast as well. I am not sweating and can get away with a few days, but 20????

Attended a riveting lecture about “the mighty mitochondria”. Scientific research is showing just how important strong functioning mitochondria is to energy flow and the fighting of toxins and disease. The mitochondria is like a sentinel of sorts marshaling the bodies immune system and regulating energy flow. If your energy is regularly low, improved actions to support your mitochondria is in order. 

Today I was really feeling the effects of the fast with slight headache, a bit of a woozy feeling, and increased memory issues. I am comforted by my physician that “fasting brain” was normal and not to worry. It definately got better a short time later. 

I am getting ready for day 3 which I anticipate could be challenging as my body depletes the last storages of glucose and the liver starts to power things with Ketones.  Hoping to experience a higher energy level and mental sharpness that others have described. 




Josette Cochrane-Lusk said…
I don't know how well I could fast if I smelled food on my roommate's breath. Things might get a bit ugly and dangerous. But hopefully you'll not pull a Donner Party on the roommate and all continues to go well in the Emerald City. Just remember: no oil is allowed on those creaky joints.
Gail said…
I think Josette said it all!😊

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