Long Distance Masking


Albany, Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco - thats my travel schedule today. My prefasting diet yesterday and today is strictly fruits and veggies. So far I have found no fruits or veggies at the Albany  Airport, thankfully Kathy packed oranges and veggies. Airport security opened my bag and carefully examined and squeezed each orange, glad to be able to throw away the handled peels! Withdrawing from coffee during a fast is not wise so my lifelong coffee consumption end a week ago better positioning me to start the fast. On Tuesday, maybe.....

My schedule tomorrow is:

* I have been asked by TrueNorth researchers to eat all day today in anticipation of my participation in their research. So I will continue to eat fruit and veggies today so that the initial tests will occur during a period of eating. 

9:00 Check in at TrueNorth

11:00 Medical examination with  Dr Antonio Soler MD- This is where I will be setting my goals for the fast. Even though I signed up for a 20day fast and 10day refeeding, my time will end when my goals are met. 

12:00 - Lunch at TrueNorth

1:00 - Meeting with researcher(s) from TrueNorth about my admittance to the research project on hypertension currently underway with a Doctor Sharf MD from the Mayo Clinic. I have agreed to be a part of this research, today is when I review my medical history and they will determine whether I meet their criteria. Not sure what the afternoon will be like, anticipating a blood draw and perhaps a Dexascan (precise measuring machine for bodily fat and bone composition).


Dieter’s who reduce their calorie intake over time run the risk of the body’s metabolism slowing down and reducing the impact of calorie restriction. Dieters on average fail at a rate of 90% a year after the initial period of weight loss. The success rate is 10%. 

Fasting increases the body’s metabolism 10% increasing the burning of stored fat. Participants at TrueNorth are reported to have a 30% success rate in regards to keeping the weight off after 1 year. This rate is much better than regular dieting, however illustrates that the real work of this program comes when the person returns home. 


Unknown said…
Glad you weaned from the caffeine before doing this. That caffeine withdrawal headache is wicked.

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