I awake today after a restful 7 hours of sleep and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Yesterday I was feeling sluggish, low energy, had a headache, and experienced some short term memory problems which concerned me greatly! Dr. Soler visits' me and chuckles when I tell him “oh yeah, that is what we call fasting brain, not to worry.” I am much relieved. Combine that with feeling great this morning and this tells me that I caught over the “hump” yesterday when your system converts from glucose burning to ketogenic and fat burning. This usually results in some misery which I experienced yesterday. I am told by my roommates that it has passed and I am cruising ahead on my fast as the weight comes peeling off. 

I attend a lecture with Dr Zhu who gives us a lecture on cleansing the liver. It was a reminder for my how important it is to provide your liver with good nutrition for the 500 things it provides to your body and just how much we often abuse it. I will be using this information to guide me when I return on June 17th. It all fits in with my goal of having a quality life, that cannot happen without taking good care of myself and my body.

No yoga scheduled tonight, however we engage in mind yoga with the puzzle that Wink gave me of her painting.  It luckily engages a 10 grade student and me through part of the evening and we get to know each other a little better. He will be picked up tomorrow at noon by his twin brother and his mother. Just starting to know him...


Unknown said…
Thank you so much for the update ! We have been biting our nails wondering how it was going ... so glad you got over the hump so easily and quickly .Also thank you for imparting on any lessons learnt a long the way ! I think the liver I think is key , as it seems to loose its stamina as we get older ...
Fantastic you have started the puzzle 🙌👏👏👏. I hope it doesn’t drive you demented 🙇‍♀️. Go for the edges first then the animals ...the rest will follow ! Hope the little 8oz water glass is keeping you company . We are very busy in the garden . Just about to go on a jaunt to collect up more plants . All the heaven of spring has arrived. The lime green of fresh fern pushing up everywhere. Birds singing away and hummingbirds at the feeders . Lots going on as usual at work. So take care my friend and cherish that gift of a body we all were given. We long to hear of your progress . Especially the puzzle!
Lots of love, 😉
Gail said…
Happy you're feeling better! The puzzle is beautiful, and looks like it will definitely keep you busy for awhile!😊
Josette Cochrane-Lusk said…
The liver is very important and the sad thing is, much of the damage we do to our livers occurs in a very insidious way before we even realize the harm we are doing. I'm glad you are sharing what you are learning and hope you achieve the results you need to continue to lead a very productive life. Jigsaw puzzles are my Zen and sharing this with a young person just adds even more to the experience. Peace.

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