Long Distance Masking

  Albany, Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco - thats my travel schedule today. My prefasting diet yesterday and today is strictly fruits and veggies. So far I have found no fruits or veggies at the Albany  Airport, thankfully Kathy packed oranges and veggies. Airport security opened my bag and carefully examined and squeezed each orange, glad to be able to throw away the handled peels! Withdrawing from coffee during a fast is not wise so my lifelong coffee consumption end a week ago better positioning me to start the fast. On Tuesday, maybe..... My schedule tomorrow is: * I have been asked by TrueNorth researchers to eat all day today in anticipation of my participation in their research. So I will continue to eat fruit and veggies today so that the initial tests will occur during a period of eating.  9:00 Check in at TrueNorth 11:00 Medical examination with  Dr Antonio Soler MD- This is where I will be setting my goals for the fast. Even though I signed up for a 20day fast and 10day re

Starting An Extended Waterfast

  I am flying 3,000 miles and spending some of my savings to eat no food and drink only water for up to 20 days. Why waterfasting and why me!!!! And, when I return home after 20 days of fasting with 10 days of refeeding, I am committed to eating a plant based diet with no meat or dairy and no salt, oil or my local primary care professional said to me “Mike, why are you doing this?”     You are probably asking the same question. My friends in conversation with me  refer to this weight loss program as an extreme action. “ Mike, rapid weight loss is bad for your health” I can hear being said. “Mike, most people who lose weight gain it all back especially quick loss programs. “ Other’s have said to me “oh I can’t go without salt, or oil or sugar, what are you going to eat?” The facial expressions reflect bewilderment and a complete shock at how awful it must be to go without anything to eat a few hours. Impossible, terrible, no way.  So let’s talk about something most of not

Solar Rec's - Selling Your Soul to the Devil?

I placed a deposit on an array of solar panels sponsored by company in Colorado who is putting up a project in Whiting Vermont. I am a firm believer in renewable energy and am looking to do everything that I can to reduce my footprint. I took money out of my retirement fund to support this project and in return I would get offsets on my electric bill. I was told I would get a 7% annual return on my investment and that the panels would last 30-50 years and the payback would be a little over 10 years. Sounded pretty good. Unfortunately, it was not good enough. While on a bus to the People's Climate March, I ran into a couple of folks that educated me on the REC's- Solar Renewable Energy Credits. Seems that they are credits that are bundled with solar energy created by solar panels. The recs can be bought and sold in the energy markets. Companies sell these credits to companies who most often need them to comply with pollution standards without actually making the necessary

People's Climate March - New York City

I attended the Peoples Climate March in New York City on September 21, 2014 travelling with over 2000 people from Vermont on more than 17 buses. There were more than 400,000 people at the March and as you can see from the photos, the marchers were  very diverse bunch of folks. The Vermont contingent was slotted to start the march at the end of the parade which formed along Central Park. It took over 3 hours for them to cross the starting point, that how huge this march was. Please check out for more information, plus check out vimeo for a great pre-march video. Could this be the turning point that we all need? Check out the rest of my photos here: Here is the video from Vimeo: Into the Streets (People’s Climate March + Flood Wall Street) from meerkatmedia on Vimeo .

Elections 2014 - "What's At Stake?" - US Senator Bernie Sanders and Candidates

Bernie Sanders was at the Vermont Marble Museum in Proctor, Vermont over the weekend. He spoke with a number of candidates who are running for various state offices such as govenor, Lt. Govenor, Senator and Congresswoman, all from Vermont. Bernie reports that 80% of young people will not be voting in November. This is at a time when some of the greatest challenges we have faced as Americans will be decided in the coming years. Checking out by not voting is paramount to surrending and this is just not acceptable. You can view the video below, sorry for the booming sound, next time I will try and get a remote mic for the sound.

Radical Urban Gardening

Video from KarmaTube

Environmental Photographer Exhibit

Nature Transformed: Edward Burtynsky's Vermont Quarry Photography in Context it currently showing at the Middlebury College Museum of Art until April 22. "In this exhibition of Burtynsky's iconic photographs of the quarries of Vermont are explored within the context of the geological and social history of the area including in particular the Italian immigrant stoneworkers in the granite quarries near Barre. " This rather stunning display of large frame photography in Vermont quarries is jaw dropping. The large panels of photographs have a mixture of texture, shapes and color that pull the viewer in and won't let go. This free display is not to be missed by lovers of Vermont history and photography. 

Tar Sands Action

Tar Sands Action | 2·17·2013 at the Washington Monument from John Picklap on Vimeo .

Obama Golfs With Oil Exec's During Rally

Marching around an empty White was not such a terrible thing. Golfing with oil executives is the height of irony. Won't be takin away that oil subsidy any time soon as suggested by Bernie Sanders proposed bill. Cozy!