Day 13 - The Joys of Ketosis


After several days of waterfasting, the body shifts from burning glucose for fuel and energy to burning Ketones. Ketones are manufactured from the liver and take fat and  create ketones which are then used for fuel. It just so happens that the brain thrives on ketones as they provide more energy than glucose. As a result, the brain becomes clearer and sharper and functions more optimally. One of the many advantages of waterfasting is bathing the brain in keytones. This occurs also when people are eating and do restricted eating or intermittent fasting on a regular basis as it provides the brain with keytones during those times without food and helps the brain maintain peak functioning. 


I attended a workshop on the nature and treatment of pain. I learn about how joint or muscle pain can present itself and that the cause can come from multiple sources, such as stress, emotional conflict, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle. Oftentimes our movements are not in synch with the way our body was designed to move and function and working to get it back to function more optimally takes retraining. When this occurs it can prevent further pain and surgery.I will be attending a functional assessment tomorrow to help me return to running when I return. Looking forward to learning about where this old body is off kilter.


Josette Cochrane-Lusk said…
I find all of this fascinating and look forward to your updates and sharing of the knowledge you are acquiring. Thank you!

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