Day 5 - New Skin

 Fasting is going well today. Hard to believe that I am not eating and have NO hunger. The reason is that my body is in a ketogenic stage and it feeds my brain and the rest of my body with what it needs from my fat reserves. The beauty of humans is that our survival depended on times of food scarcity so we developed a mechanism to store fat (as we all know all too well.) This reserve of fat is burned for energy and provides us with everything we need except for water. I am living on these reserves now and my fat burning starts with visceral fat which surrounds our organs and is bad for our health. Then the fat from around our body starts burning up next. When the fat is gone, muscles are targeted as a source of energy that no one wants to lose, fat  must stop before that begins. That may be the point where starvation begins. 

Today as I am lying in the sun I notice that my skin is shinning and glistening. I am amazed to see my skin changing and improving after 5 days of no food. It seems smoother and richer. This is quite unusual, something I have never experienced for sure. The Dr. this morning told me that it was not surprising with the release of norepenepherine during fasting. My trainer tells me that during her fast she experienced whiter teeth and clearer eyes. I have to wonder if it is part of the autoghagy process in which the cell clean out and rebuild during fasting. I really don’t know but I like it.  


Josette Cochrane-Lusk said…
This is interesting. My son was telling me that whenever he overeats, he feels awful- bloated, lethargic, etc. I call it a "food coma." With this fast, you seem to be experiencing the opposite- an awakening. That sounds like what we all may need- an awakening to our bodies and souls.
Lisa said…

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