Day 10 - Waterfast Midpoint

 Arriving at this point feeling amazed that I have gone for 10 days with no food and still feel with good energy and no noticeable signs of not eating. All the while my body steadily burns the excess fat I have been hauling around for the past few decades. Amazing! As I look at the next 10 days I am a bit bewildered about not eating for another 10 days. I am told by a new friend that I will be cruising to the finish line from here on out. 

Roommate John leaves today after a 9 day fast back to Chicago to his high stress job. He leaves today after making progress with his chronically high levels of cortisol which got tamed by a waterfast. We wonder who will join us next in his room. I hear that TrueNorth is so backed up with people wanting to come that some are waiting till September to start their fast. 

I attend a cooking demonstration with Chef Ramses Bravo our resident chef.

Today tells us the the first corn of the season has arrived and decided to make 2 dishes based on most of the same ingredients, one hot and one cold. He creates stuff portabella mushrooms with corn and spinach with a yellow cream sauce made out of roasted corn and a little onion. This is baked with some cherry tomatoes.

Chef Bravo next takes the same ingredients and makes a salad with sliced portabella mushrooms as the base and a salad on top with spinach, corn, kale, tomatoes, sliced fennel root, with onions marinated with red wine vinegar.

Chef Bravo goes into the melding of the different tastes from umami or earthy taste of the mushrooms, the sweetness of the tomatoes, the saltiness of the spinach, and I forget what the corn brings, he planned this dish well considering what how he could bring all these tastes together. Impressive display. He has a youtube channel that demonstrates recipes that are plant based and designed to be delicious. Anyone interested in expand their plant based cooking skills would be well served by visiting his webpage at   


Josette Cochrane-Lusk said…
I will have to check it out.
Gail said…
I can't imagine watching all these delicious meals being prepared, and not being able to eat any of them!
You're doing a great job, Michael!😊
Loryn said…
Kudos to you Mike! I also don't know how you can watch a cooking demonstration after not eating for 10 days and not being able to eat for 10 more!!! Glad things are going well and hope that they continue on that path

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