Last Day - Leaving TrueNorth


This afternoon I leave TN for San Francisco where I will be staying  overnight near the airport and will be catching a 6:10 am flight early Thursday to Albany NY. 

Yesterday I made it to Bodega Bay on the ocean for a great afternoon with my friend Michele from Pasadena. It was a lovely ride through the Redwood Forest and through the rolling meadows overlooking the ocean. 

Today I say my goodbyes to friends made and an enchanting place with a mixture of thankfulness, sadness, and wanting very much to return home. I am pleased that the chef will be packing me up with food to go on my journey home,  helping me avoid the airport food along the way. 

More thoughts coming while I fly out tomorrow. 


Gail said…
A huge congratulations to you Michael! Thank you for your daily blog, it was very informative! Enjoy your journey back to Proctor!😊

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