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The Dragon Chases Oil

David Morris - Alternet Post China's booming economy is increasingly dependent on imported oil. But unlike the U.S., its strategies to maintain access to oil are farsighted and coherent.

Tobacco Treaty Takes Effect, Without the U.S.

February 2005 is a landmark month for international cooperation on critical issues of protecting people and our natural resources, and the U.S. is missing the boat. As both the global tobacco treaty and the Kyoto Protocol take effect with the U.S. on the sidelines, we are calling on our government to join with the global community in prioritizing people's lives over the profits of giant corporations.

Kyoto Can't Save Us

Emissions have gone too far and global warming is unavoidable. What is needed is recognition and a willingness to confront the very real challenges ahead. By Mark Hertsgaard, AlterNet

Conflict Diamonds: The Valentine's Day Deception

This Valentine’s Day (14 February) diamond retailers will be touting the ultimate symbol of love and devotion, but according to Amnesty International consumers can expect little reassurance that their diamonds are not products of war and human rights violations.

Valentine's Gold Jewelry Sales Generate 34 Million Tons of Mine Waste

MsGodzilla Valentine’s sales of gold jewelry in the U.S. will leave in their wake more than 34 million metric tons of waste worldwide, according to estimates from EARTHWORKS and Oxfam America, leaders of a major consumer campaign aimed at changing the way gold is produced and sold.

We'll pay the piper later if our leaders keep taxes low

At the federal level, taxes last year amounted to 16.2 percent of the gross domestic product. Taxes were not that low when Ronald Reagan was in the White House. In fact, you have to go back to the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower, 1958 to be precise, to find a year when taxes were lower than they are now.

Apocalypse now: how mankind is sleepwalking to the end of the Earth

Floods, storms and droughts. Melting Arctic ice, shrinking glaciers, oceans turning to acid. The world's top scientists warned last week that dangerous climate change is taking place today, not the day after tomorrow. You don't believe it? Then, says Geoffrey Lean, read this...

Greetings From the New Flat Earth

Rush Global warming deniers beware – that means you, Rush! – or you may end up the recipient of a new award given to those who belittle the very real threat of global warming. Three Middlebury College students have developed this appropriate award in association with the Green House Network out of Porland Oregon. Michael Crichton, Rush Limbaugh and others are in the running to bevoted on by you for the next Earth Day celebration. So go cast your vote, and then visit Green House Network's events page to get involved in building the movement.

Costs of Inaction on Global Warming "Extremely High"

In the words of the taskforce report ‘the costs of failing to mobilize in the face of this threat is likely to be extremely high.’