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The Future Always Comes

The Future Alway Comes How many times did we stand in front of the black polished marble heart and think about when Mack would arrive here? And today he gets ready for tomorrow Tonight the moon shined ever so handsomely framed by clouds that never existed before until I adored them tonight I also saw a face in the moon as I drove that ribbon of empty highway from Castleton to West Rutland This earliest of projective tests still toys with us despite our smartness We see what we want Isn't it a bit unsettling? The weather? It still feels like the middle of July as I remember it Though no lightning bugs, they visited and left in June For those who listen and watch there is a change all around us I think it came to me in a dream at Kathy's While the wind came suddenly with a pounding rain and whipping trees I was confused at first But then it became recognizable to those who listen and watch My dream was that it had started You know that when you strip away all