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Icequakes in Greenland Put on Pace

Vlad Tarko, Senior Editor, Sci-Tech News The icequakes in Greenland are caused by the motion of the glaciers and are most common in July and August when temperature is higher. But the seismologists from Columbia and Harvard have found that the total number of such "glacial earthquakes" have more than doubled since 2002. More....

UN Calls for Pedal Power to Reduce Environmental Damage

Agency France Presse, posted on Commondreams KUALA LUMPUR - More bicycle riding and other lifestyle changes are urgently needed to reduce climate-altering carbon emissions that are damaging Asia’s health and could also threaten the economy, the World Health Organisation said Monday. Climate change contributes directly or indirectly to about 77,000 deaths per year in the region, according to WHO estimates. “So far the impact is on the health of the people. If the trend continues, it may have an impact on the economy,” said Shigeru Omi, WHO’s regional director for the Western Pacific. “Of course the threat is there. We should not wait for that to happen,” he told reporters at the start of a four-day conference on the impact of climate change and health in Southeast and East Asian countries. Omi said urgent action was needed because Asia’s share of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions was expected to grow larger with the rapid economic expansion of China and India. “We have now re