Day 6 - Hammer Time

 Today I am feeling completely normal without fatigue, or any negative symptoms. I lose another 2 lbs, blood sugars are stable at 76, and blood pressure drops to 112/70 which I am pleased with. I go for a short walk around the block and it is nice to see the neighborhood with all the California flora. 

My roommate leaves today and I am sad to see him go. He is a physician who wanted to improve his health and as he says “if you go to the doctor and he tells you that you are insulin insensitive (diabetic), ask him how do you change that? He will not be able to give you an answer and he will prescribe you a pill to manage the cell wall insensitivity. A waterfast improves cell wall insensitivity and that is why I am here.” We have another vacant room, it will be interesting who comes into our suite next. 

                                          Dr Alan Goldhammer - Director of TrueNorth Healthcare

I attend a popular lecture today by Dr. Goldhammer who is a captivating lecturer. Alan talks about the pillars of health and shares his 30+ years of experience in treating patients in his private practice and at TN. Alan (and TrueNorth) is recognized as the leader in fasting in the US  in operation since 1983. 

I speak with some new faces today and hear their stories and how they came to come to TN. Needing to lose weight, or fibromyalgia, or hypertension were common themes today. All are expecting results from being here and will likely experience them from one degree to another depending how long a water fast they will be doing. I new friend Jim, here for the second time and doing a juice fast because of his arrhythmia, could not do a waterfast because it requires an absence of all medications which he could not do. He tells me about his favorite recipe that he has been obsessing about since he was here 2 years ago - asparagus plantain soup, he is hoping to get the recipe, something I will love to try myself. 



Josette Cochrane-Lusk said…
I googled a recipe for the "Chickpea of the Sea" tuna salad and made it yesterday. It's now on my favorite list. This soup sounds interesting, too, and I will have to google that. Keep the ideas coming- lol!

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