Friday, October 15, 2004

Saturday, October 09, 2004

15th Annual Burlington International Film Festival Oct 13-18. Home of the world's oldest Human Rights and the Environmental Film Festival

.This year we are excited to celebrate the 15th Vermont International Film Festival. Films this year will be shown in one of three categories: War and Peace, Justice and Human Rights, and the Environment. Awards are given in each of these three categories.

The Swamp Thing

The arithmetic foreshadows that in today’s dollars and rate of spending, in the next 50 years, the cost to bring the phosphorous discharge under control may well exceed $1 billion. By then, Missisquoi Bay will be a marsh, according to Alec Campbell, whose Campbell Campgrounds are on its shore.

Ground Rules: Biotech companies free to write their own rules when it comes to labeling seed packs

The nation’s first seed-labeling law requiring companies to identify genetically engineered (GE) seeds and plant parts sold in the state takes effect today in Vermont. But few observers think the new law has settled the debate over the future of biotechnology in the state, or even the future of labels.

Nobel Prize winner has Vermont ties

Maathai, the first African woman to receive the award, is known in her homeland for starting an environmental movement that has planted 30 million trees throughout Africa.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Waste Not, Want Not

Cut through the BS from candidates and get independent information about the Health Care morass we find our selves in. Here's one plan : Reduce the copious amounts of money wasted every year on red tape and protective loopholes for insurance and pharmaceutical companies. A new report released by Jobs With Justice found that $245 billion is wasted each year through inefficient private insurance plans and laws that don't require drug companies to sell in a competitive market. So in addition to not spending more than industrialized countries, we're also wasting more—but Americans are still not getting adequate health care. It's time to end the waste .

10 questions for the presidential candidates on the future of America’s middle class

The non-partisan Drum Major Institute for Public Policy (DMI) is calling on the presidential candidates to talk about what they would do for America’s squeezed middle class in their October 8 and October 13 debates.

Global Warming: Epic Droughts Possible, Study Says

Tree ring records suggest that if past is prologue, global warming could trigger much longer dry spells than the one now in West, scientists say

by Bettina Boxall

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Reel reporting: Six “must-see” films for the election season

Tired of the “Foxification” of our corporately owned news culture, and fed up with the nonsense cranked out daily by commercial “shout shows” and “reality television,” people have turned to independent films to satisfy their need to know.

Winning the Oil Endgame

American Innovation for Profits, Jobs, and Security. Check out this book by Rocky Mountain Institutes own, Amory Lovins and others. The amazing thing is that you can download this book if you don't want to buy it. If for nothing else, read the quotes in the preview, it will really get your grey matter churning. "Winning the Oil Endgame offers a strategy for ending US oil dependence, and is applicable worldwide.
There are many analyses of the oil problem; This synthesis is the first roadmap of the oil solution one led by business for profit."