Day 20 - Fasting Finish Line


After 2 years of research about fasting last winter I contacted TrueNorth to inquire about doing a waterfast. I was told that the schedule was three months out. I prepared during the three months as best as I could trying to imagine going even a day without food. It seemed promising and terrifying at the same time. Today I think back on the 20 days that I have gone without food and am amazed. 

Logic and intuition tells me that my body would suffer without the proper nutrients that daily eating provides. And yet, I do not appear to have suffered these problems as my weekly lab tests show and daily doctor’s visits can attest to. My electrolytes appeared fine except for chloride which was down slightly. One thing I have learned is that the body is truly amazing. During the last 20 days, it has been supplied with all that it needs within existing systems in the body such as body fat and ketones. It gives me a glimpse into the millennium when our ancestors depended on these systems to function during times of food scarcity. 

Another important lesson I have learned here after consulting with MD’s, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, and PHd Pschologists, is that to be healthy, we need to stop interfering with the body trying to perform essential functions. When we interfere, we have a hand in promoting chronic disease. 

One area that we interfere is with the gut and the microbiome. Fiber may be the most important food we eat as it supports the microbiome that has profound implications for all body systems, most importantly our immune system and our overall health. I has a large impact on inflammation which has damaging effects if not put in check. 97% of Americans do not get enough fiber. 

For a more detailed and knowledge discussion, the podcast below will educate you about how this often overlooked issue profoundly effects our wellbeing. 

For disease prevention and maximizing your health listen to the Rich Roll Podcast on Mastering The MicroBiome


Josette Cochrane-Lusk said…
That was a very interesting podcast and there's a lot there to digest (pun not intended- lol). Hoping to use some of his information to help with my own health issues and glad to hear him discuss stress and how that affects us. Probably explains why when I'm on vacation I find my sleep suddenly becomes better, my weight drops even though I seem to eat more, and my energy skyrockets. Cortisol, among other factors, is incredibly important to how we enjoy good health. Thanks for sharing this podcast.
Loryn said…
Congratulations Mike! Good luck with the re-fooding process. What a journey to follow.
Gail said…
Congratulations! I know you have the mind set and focus to continue with your healthy goals.You've done a great job, and I wish you the best!

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