Day 6 - Refeeding- Wim Hof Method of Breathing

 Today I attend a class titled “Mindset” with instructors Sadiq and Nanda. After an overview of how thinking, eating and doing are inter related, and how important breathing is to full body health, we go through a group exercise from youtube of Wim Hof breathing.  This youtube video takes you through a series of 30 breaths, then holding you breathe for 1 to 2 minutes, then breathing in again for 15 seconds, then all repeated two more times. This was followed up with a guided meditation. The result was extraordinary. I have lone lots of different mediations throughout my life but have never had the calming serene experience like I did after this exercise. It was truly amazing. Most everyone in the group of about 30 were totally affected. 

The take a way for me was that this should be built into a daily practice as part of my returning health plan, to stay focussed and centered, and as a premium method of self care. So much of what I have learned here at. TrueNorth is that we have been given a high end luxury sports car in the form of our body and that it just won’t function well unless we take care of it. Putting cheap gas in it undermines it’s ability to perform. When we do take care of it through thoughts, eating, and activity, it will work as intended and help us realize a life of happiness. 


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