Day 16

 Today I am buoyed by the idea that in 4 days I will be done with the waterfast. I am not real excited at the idea of following the fast up with 9 days of refeeding. It is essential to build back a balanced gut biome. 

Last night my suite mate shared that people who leave tend to gain back 75% of their weight lost. This is a quite sobering statistic that has my head spinning. It makes sense that if people return to the diet and lifestyle  that got them here, naturally they will get the same results. The lectures and food demonstrations here are a hedge against this slide back. I hear from two other doctor’s that it is just not true. 

I send my Primary Care Provider back home my three blood lab reports, and current outcomes for weight, blood pressure, and glucose. I also include a list of my 9 goals here. Hard to say how it will be received, however I am not optimistic. 

I am engrossed in a book called “Overstory” about people and their relationship with trees. Redwood trees occupy a good part of the book and their presence is majestic. I begin to make arrangements to visit a Redwood Grove in towards the end of my stay and look forward to immersing my self in their splendor. I bike can also be rented for $30 and I will take advantage of seeing this community that has been hidden from me during my self imposed confinement at TrueNorth. Looking forward to these experiences while I continue to reset my body. 


Anonymous said…
What a journey! It’s been a privilege to join the journey
with you from Yorkshire. Thanks for posting the daily blog.
Time is flying by so we must enjoy all we have.
Judy x
Josette Cochrane-Lusk said…
Others' stories don't have to become your story. Knowledge is best when used and you now have more knowledge to use in your quest to become healthier. Your path is encouraging for others and your sharing of this may touch more people than you are aware of. Enjoy the trees and the bike ride around the area. Breath deep and soon you will be able to click those heels and be home among your friends and family.

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