Day 14 - Two Weeks Without Food Status Report

During moments of contemplation part of me is shocked that I have not eaten a morsel of food in two weeks. It feels like anything but starvation as my body has been nourishing me by burning my unwanted fat maintaining mental clarity and energy. I have six days left on this fast and then 9 days of gradual refeeding. 

                                 Starting.               Today
Weight                        191.2                    173.      -18

Blood Pressure.            130/70.                115/70.  -15 

Sleep Apnea.            Wait till sleep study, likely resolved

Cholesteral.              Blood test in one week

Glucose.                   Lower but variable

Psoriasis.                 Clearing slowly

Gout.                       No symptoms

Unanticipated results: clearer skin, no muscle stiffness or  pain ( previously, occurred daily).

Dr. Goldhamer (Director of TrueNorth) presented health information during his lecture. The slides to the left were part of that talk. These statistics are sobering and not the way we envision our “golden years.” 

The “Leading Causes of Death” and the “Actual Causes of Death” are quite illuminating. The second Actual Cause of Death is poor diet and inactivity. This highlight the point made several times in this blog that we can have control of the second leading cause of death in the US. And as the first slide demonstrates, we can actually have control over the misery factor that goes with debility and poor health. Eating a plant based healthy diet free of salt, oil, and sugar will result in weight loss and begin to undo some of our health problems. A vegan diet is not necessarily a health diet as most vegans eat poorly especially those who do it for ethical reasons. Lastly, I leave you with this slide highlighting this point. 



Gail said…
Looks like you're going to be golden in your Golden Years!😁👍

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