How business can create a roadmap to a sustainable future

A new in-depth report on the current and possible future state of the Earth’s ecosystems and their impact on our well-being highlights the challenges and opportunities this presents for business

by Kathleen Hawk, 0footprint.

"The MA discovered that two-thirds of the ecosystem services it examined are being degraded or used unsustainably. Resources such as clean water, natural air and water cleaning systems and key raw materials are already in decline. And, more troubling, this destruction has reached a point where the group anticipates not only gradual and progressive degradation, but also sudden and irreversible changes.

But bad news often holds seeds of business opportunity. "Businesses' engagement in voluntary actions to reduce their impact on Earth's ecosystems can be an engine of positive change in two ways: it can be a source of new opportunities for business, and a means of preserving our natural assets for future generations," says the report."


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