2007 data confirms warming trend

BBC News

The UK's Hadley Centre and University of East Anglia conclude that globally, this year ranks as the seventh warmest.

The 11 warmest years in this set have all occurred within the last 13 years. For the northern hemisphere alone, 2007 was the second warmest recorded.

The findings come as the UN climate summit discusses carbon emission cuts.

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gwen said…
It's a scary thing, isn't it! What really freaks me out about all of this is that we're continuing to use resources as if we've got a limitless supply, but pretty soon there will be so many people and not enough food and water to keep them all alive.

They say that the future wars won't be fought over oil - they'll be fought over water. We've got to start conserving what we've got while we've still got it!

Good water resource: www.h2oconserve.org
Anonymous said…
When you really stop and think about the possible outcomes of global warming it is a very scary thing. There are those people who will try to say that it isn't happening and then there are the people who will grasp it and try to change it. However the people who are fighting the idea out number the people who want to change it. It's clearly happening people are just too cluless to do anything about it. If we keep on doing what we've been doing forever, where are we going to be in the next 50 or 100 years?? Think about it!?!?!?!

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