Forward On Climate

Bus loads of Vermonters will be driving 10 hours on Saturday to get to Washington DC to partake in a protest to get us on track with limiting the destruction caused by excessive carbon in our atmosphere. For anyone who has been reading this blog since 2004 will know, that it is real, and business as usual presents a bleak future. This blog is not going to change anyones mind about climate change, however, the collective we must change habits and change them quickly. 

It is scary to think that even if we release 0 carbon, there will still be a lag time when carbon will continue to be released. Anyone with any interest can search this information on the web. It becomes quite plain and simple. We need a massive redirection and will power is the only thing standing in the way. Individual and political will power to make change our approach to using energy and moving people from one place to another. 

Join us won't you?


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