Bald Mountain Summit - Pittsford, Vermont

Stepped out of human turmoil for awhile today, a purging of sorts. Hiked with old friend Lillian, Jean-Marie, and new friends visiting from Massachusetts. Three of the new friends were Biologists. I assumed that they suffered more than most in regards to understanding the degradation of the natural world. Quite to the contrary, they talked about the heroism all around us....I was told that they were also more aware of the great efforts to improve things, to bring about solutions.........We all need a good dose of that..

While hiking a trail traversing valley's and peaks in Lil
s neck of the woods, we came upon a man alone on the trail viewing the vistas.....came to be he is a musician and plays Irish music with a number of different groups. We talked of a great many things both Irish and music. How striking to find a kindred soul who admires Kevin Crawford of Lunasa as much as I do. I leave with an invite to play trailing in the breeze.......

Lastly, a young couple repelling down a steep little known wall of rock. Good conversation shared to round out the day as they shared their insights of rock climbing. Another great Vermont day..

Enjoy day 2 of Fall where ever you are...


Anonymous said…
That sounds like a perfect day.

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