A New Way to Ask, 'How Green Is My Conscience?'


"Call them green upgrades: easy ways for consumers to help the environment without changing their behavior. Such upgrades have been proliferating: Skiers, for example, can spend an extra $2 at some resorts to offset the pollution produced in a drive to the mountains; the money goes to environmental organizations. On Web sites like TerraPass.com or CoolDriver.org, drivers can total a car's pollution for a year and direct a corresponding sum to clean-energy projects. "

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Anonymous said…
Check out our new website - films with a conscience.

Dorothea said…
Some of this stuff seems to be about people salving their consciences, when if they really wanted to do something beneficial they would just cut down their consumption, thus not doing the damage in the first place.

We all need to think more deeply about how our actions impact on the environment.

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