Top 10 Reasons to Ride Your Bike To Work

from David S. and Jessica L. taken from the Bike Transportation Alliance of Oregon and SW Washington.

10. Multitaskers take note: get your cardio workout while you get to work.

9. It's patriotic: President Bush says we need to conserve energy.

8. Stepped out of the shower late? You can dry your hair on the way to work!

7. Meet your neighbors on your ride.

6. Enjoy a new form of public art: altered bicycling icons on the pavement.

5. Splurge on fabulous new wardrobe items like lycra tights and booties.

4. Trade in that $20,000 or $30,000 vehicle you use as a purse on wheels for a pair of waterproof panniers!

3. It's a crash course in amateur meteorology: learn wind speed and direction; predict where the rain will come from.

2. It's economical: costs $0 to fill up the tank.

1. Best reason: ROCK STAR PARKING: roll right up to the front door, park your vehicle, and walk into theaters, restaurants, the dentist office!

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