McLibel Opens June 10th

Cinema Libre Studio is proud to announce that MCLIBEL, the documentary about
Dave Morris and Helen Steel's monumental libel case versus McDonald's, premieres
in the US in San Francisco on June 10th.

Directed by Franny Armstrong, MCLIBEL is the story of two ordinary people who
took on McDonald's and won in what became the longest running trial in British
history and the biggest corporate PR disaster.

In the late 80's, as members of London Greenpeace, the activists started handing
out "What's Wrong With McDonald's" leaflets that attacked many aspects of the
corporation's business practices specifically:
- Environmental abuse
- Deceptive ads
- Exploiting children
- Low wages
- Anti-union
- Bad working conditions
- Animal cruelty and,
- Heart disease

Soon afterwards, "McSpies" infiltrated the organization and shortly there
afterwards McDonald's sued five of the members. McDonald's offered a stark
choice: retract the allegations and apologize or go to court.

Steel and Morris determined they would not be bullied. "It just really stuck in
my throat to apologize to McDonald's," says Steel. "I thought it was them who
should be apologizing to society for the damage they do." They went to court,
defending themselves, and won.

MCLIBEL is not about hamburgers. It is about the importance of Free Speech now
that multinational corporations have become more powerful than countries.

Go To McLibel Website for more information.


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