Frequently Asked Questions About Nonviolent Action

There is hardly a person who not wish to be identified as a "peaceful" person. Yet, we find ourselves continually mired in violent conflicts around the world. Our society has progressed in a great many areas the most obvious being technological development. Over the years I have been inspired by individuals who been able to grasp the problems of violence, either domestic or international, and work towards furthering our understanding of the abuses of power and authority. Unfortunately, our country has not progressed in its development of curbing these abuses. Of course many of us are worried that we are in fact moving backwards. So the question remains, if everyone wants peace, why do we not have it? The same question can be said about health care. I am convinced that peace is not something others do for us or that is won by our military. Peace is something that people must insist upon and work at. Holding those in check is the work at hand. Please check out the Albert Einstein Institute in Boston. There you will find information that will help you decide what action to take. Because..............The world is dangerous not because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything. Mike


Donna Giorgi said…
So far your blog is the most interesting, most inspiring, and most intelligent I have come across. Thanks for posting.

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