The Great Forgetting by Daniel Quinn

(excerpt from the Story of B)"there are many among you who are burning to know why not a single one of you has ever heard a word about the Great Forgetting (by any name whatsoever) in any class you have ever attended at any school at any level, from kindergarten to graduate school. If you have this question, be assured that it's not an academic one by any means. It's a vital question, and I don't hesitate to say that our species' future on this planet depends on it."


Kevin Morgan said…
I really enjoyed that book, The Story of B, which I read many years ago as a kind of epiphany. It explained so many mysteries of human behavior to my simple mind. I have included a link to your site on my post for tomorrow. Much appreciated, and I will check out your blog in more detail later, but kids are clammering to go to the beach.
-k @FitOldDog

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