BUY LOCAL - Rutland County Farmer's Market

A source for products that are made in Vermont! Support your community buy purchasing locally made and grown products. Why immediately send your hard earned cash out of state when purchasing items at out of state chain stores? Local products reduce the impact on our environment and helps to stenghten our local community by supporting our neighbors and helps build a higher quality life for us and our children. It's also fun!


kate said…
Rutland Farmers Market is also how I can keep up with my friends. We are all so busy and working and doing, we hardly ever get together. When I go to farmers market, i can be pretty sure I will see all my buddies, and check in with them, and let them know I love them.

also it is an incredibly EASY way to be a good citizen of the world: you're buying from your neighbors, supporting their work, eating goooood stuff that was organically grown, not packaged, not shipped from California or mexico or Florida to the Chopper. Thanks Mike for posting this!!

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