Seven Myths About Alternative Energy

As the world looks around anxiously for an alternative to oil, energy sources such as biofuels, solar, and nuclear seem like they could be the magic ticket. They're not.

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betty said…
Wonderful site-thanks for the information. Check out EggSystems geothermal cooling and heating-you'll love it!Betty
betty said…
Great site!!! Check it out-Google CEO Schmidt says punching down into the earth to capture natural and clean geothermal energy could help move the United States away from it's dependence on petroleum-Dec.16,2008-Betty
Kirthi said…
Ethanol is a good source, but sadly I love corn, and if ethanol is used than the price of corn will rise. BUT It's a sacrifice I'm willing to take.
I love your blog, it supports an important cause. Keep it up!

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