Saturday, September 23, 2006

God Is Green


More out of habit than considered judgment, Wilson believes, many religious people and especially conservative Christians tend to brush off environmental causes as liberal alarmism, vaguely subversive, and in any case no concern of theirs. Wilson’s book is a polite but firm challenge to this mind-set, seeking to ally religion and science — “the two most powerful forces in the world today” — in an ethic of “honorable” self-restraint toward the natural world.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Two billion homes could be free from escalating electricity costs


Dresden, Germany — Two billion households worldwide could realistically be powered by solar energy by 2025, according to a joint report launched today by the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) and Greenpeace (1). The report concludes that thanks to advances in technology, increasing competition and investment in production facilities, solar power has now become a serious contender in the electricity market; able to provide low-cost, clean, CO2 emission free energy.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Global warming march

A BAGPIPER HERALDS the end of the 50-mile walk across Addison and Chittenden counties to raise awareness of global warming. The five-day event attracted marchers of all ages.
Independent photo/Angelo Lynn


“What we’ve just done (getting the candidates to sign the pledge) is an achievement beyond our wildest hopes when we first started out five weeks ago,” environmental author and Ripton resident Bill McKibben told the crowd of supporters at Monday’s rally. In response, the crowd — as it had done several times during speeches by candidates and rally-organizers — roared with its enthusiastic approval.

The pledge, McKibben explained in an on-line daily journal, raised the bar in Vermont politics “to the point where anyone wishing to be taken seriously needs to champion an 85 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, the rapid phase-in of 40-mile-per-gallon cars, and a national plan to get 20 percent of our power from renewables by 2020.

“As crucial,” he continued, “we demonstrated that at least for Vermont voters this was not a second- or third-tier issue — it was as crucial to getting elected as your position on jobs or the economy or all the things the political pros always call the real issues.”


"Scientists say we must begin to significantly reduce our emissions within the next 10 years if we are to avoid the most serious impacts of global warming. That is why I support the goal set by Senator Jeffords in his global warming bill -- an 80 percent reduction in global warming pollution by mid-century. To achieve that goal we need to start an energy revolution. I will work to promote global warming solutions, such as a national renewable energy standard of 20 percent by 2020 and an increase in mileage standards to 40 miles per gallon."

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Marchers Hoping To Heat Up Action on Global Warming

by Kevin O'Connor, Rutland Herald

RIPTON — Bill McKibben can't recall more than 200 Americans ever launching a five-day walk calling for government action on global warming. And so he deemed what happened in his Vermont town Thursday to be historic.

"It's perhaps the largest single demonstration yet in this country against global warming," the Middlebury College environmental scholar said. "It's time to start summoning the political will to do something."

McKibben, whose book "The End of Nature" was the first about climate change written for a general audience, joined walkers from throughout Vermont and as far away as California to kick off a symbolic march seeking national movement on the planet's hottest environmental issue.

Participants assembled at the Robert Frost trail on Route 125 in Ripton to start a 49-mile walk north to Burlington, where a Labor Day rally will ask statewide political candidates to support the goals of a Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act just introduced by U.S. Sen. James Jeffords, I-Vt.

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